This is PAWSOME for all of our animal lovers


Aren't we all guilty of treating our pet's like family? Some of us even go as far as taking professional photo shoots with them. But we don't judge!!  These little guys have the most unconditional love, especially after a long day away from home when we come from work. That wagging tail is the cutest. Patricia came up with a trendy and fashionable way to express that love for our best friends. Perhaps having them sleep with us in bed is not the most sanitary way of going about things, so why not make custom pajamas with your pets face all over it? And not only do you get to convey how much your pet means to you, Patricia's Couture also helps an animal in need with every item you purchase. This is perfect for a birthday gift or even just for yourself if your an advocate for animals. Follow and share this creative woman on instagram: for more information or visit her website directly at She not only custom makes pajamas but also custom caftans, and accessories. Tell them Karen Sharp sent you.

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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