This New Indian Character Can Crash Your iPhone! (READ)

Daily Mail

READ: Apple has discovered a new iOS bug that is crashing iPhones! The character above is the culprit! This character is an Indian character from the language Telugu. If you see this character, do not press it, or load a message that might contain it!

If your apple gadget is running iOS 11.2.5 or macOS, this can effect you on your iPhone and iPad. This simple character will crash your Springboard, and you won't be able to use messaging apps. That means iMessages, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook and Gmail!

There is a work in progress on getting this fixed in the next month or so. But until then, if you happen to get attacked by this, you can still save your phone. If you receive this from a person, you need another person to message you so you can open up the app infected, then delete the thread that has the Indian Character in it.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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