Man Dressed As Elsa From Frozen Saves A Boston Police Wagon (WATCH)

WATCH: We have all heard of the bad storm that is hitting the North East, or otherwise called the "Noreaster." And this man dressed as Elsa to make videos in the snow. But he quickly went from fun to helping out the Boston Police! He quickly sprang into action when he saw a Police Wagon stuck in the snow, and the strength he showed was amazing! You have to see this:

A drag queen dressed as Elsa just single-handedly freed a stuck police wagon from a blizzard in the middle of March. If that sentence doesn't perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Boston, I don't know what does.Video credit: Christopher Haynes

— Sarah McGonagall (@sarahmcgbeauty) March 14, 2018 ">

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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