Bald Eagle Lands On Mariners Player During National Anthem

posted by Karen Sharp - 

WATCH: Baseball is back, and already the bloopers are happening! This Mariners outfielder was just standing for the National Anthem, and the stadium had a handler release a Bald Eagle for it. But the Bald Eagle mistook the player for the handler, and this happened:

BALD EAGLE ATTACK 😂Outstanding reaction from the @Mariners' James Paxton, though. Just stay calm. (via @fsnorth)

— FOX Sports (@FOXSports) April 5, 2018 ">

That was pretty funny. But what makes it even better is that this commercial below was released before, and it might give some insight to why the Eagle like the player so much haha:

Well. Now we know.

— Mariners (@Mariners) April 5, 2018 ">

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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