Hawaii Volcano Eruption: Sulfur Dioxide Exposure Alarms Habitants

In Honolulu Kilauea, one of Hawaii's most active Volcanoes, is erupting violently and dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide gas are being reported. According to CBS news "Molten lava and ash were thrown hundreds of feet into the air and onto the streets of the mountainside community near Hilo, and residents under a mandatory evacuation tried to outrun the volcano's flow." My thoughts and prayers go out to the families residing on the island.

It was reported by the U.S. Geological Survey, that a 6.9-magnitude earthquake shook the island earlier today. 

Lava was flooding the streets of Leilani Estates, 25 miles east of the volcano. CBS Drone footage showed two houses on fire and the stream of lava creeping through town. 

Residents are being warned of high levels of sulfur dioxide from the lava.The gas can cause intense coughing and burning throats. This gas emits from the lava during the drying pocess. 

Davis, a volcano expert, told CBS, "It's sort of like you've injected ammonia into all your, your nose, into your breathing area, into your throat," Davis said.

Hawaii has five active volcanoes, but Kilauea is the biggest. Please keep the inhabitants of the Big Island in your prayers.

Watch the video below for visuals to this shocking story.

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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