What Does Your Favorite Food Emoji Say About You?

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Taco emoji users are adventurous and fun.


Pizza people prefer to stick with what they know.


Champagne poppers are no stranger to the glam lifestyle. 

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate lovers are deep and delightful.

Wine Glass

Wine Glass people come alive at happy hour.


Cake people know how to live.


Well... You know. 

I’ve always loved preparing food the day before Thanksgiving just as much as I love enjoying it on Thanksgiving Day. These food emoji cookies are an ode to my favorite baking day of the year 😄 Watch the video at YouTube.com/SweetAmbsCookies 🍪🍰🍩🍦🍣🌮🍔🍕 #sweetambscookies #cookieart #eatallthethings

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