Starbucks Created Nail Decals For Hardcore Pumpkin Spice Latte Fans

We all know fall is the season for pumpkin spice lovers. Everyone's fan favorite is Starbucks PSL. Starbucks just took PSL to a whole new level we didn't even know was possible.

This week, Starbucks and accessories company SkinnyDip London came out with a line of PSL nail decals. Now on Instagram you can show off not only your fav Starbucks drink, but your nails too!

The decals come in several shapes like Starbucks cups, pumpkins, cups filled with whipped cream, foxes, hedgehogs, and leaves! Some of the decals even say "PSL" too!

Each pack contains two full sheets of decals! You just have to peel them off, apply them to the top of your favorite nail polish, and top it off with a clear coat of polish to make sure they stay on long.

You can buy these decals on SkinnyDip London's UK site for about $7. Buy these for yourself or as a gift for your pumpkin spice loving friend! 

Looks like its time to reward yourself with a PSL so you can show off your matching nails! 

Check out all the photos below!

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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