Psychic Kari Young Came To The KOST Studio For Halloween!

Tonight we had a very special guest, Kari Young, who is a medium and a writer. She stopped by on Halloween tonight to give some readings to those trying to connect with loved ones on the other side and see what type of guidance they can offer. So she came in and read me first. I was looking to get in touch with my father Charles, and this is what happened:

And next, we had Mark Wallengren's Producer Maggi (you have probably heard her lovely voice right here on KOST) who wanted to get in touch with someone she didn't really know as a child, but wanted to hear from her:

We had a couple of callers too! This first call is from Laurie, and she was looking to get in touch with a influential teacher of hers: 

And last but not least, we had caller Barbara, who wanted to hear from her mother:

And if you would like to get a reading yourself, or are interesting in contacting Kari Young, you can check out her website or you can follow her on twitter @gobeyondhere

Ellen Scares Her Staff Backstage!
Ellen Scares Her Staff Backstage!
She just loves to scare others, for our benefit haha ~ Karen Sharp <3<3<3
Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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