There's A Kit Kat-Inspired Eye-Shadow Palette!

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. Oops! I mean Kit Kat eyeshadow?

The beauty brand Etude House partnered with Kit Kat to create an eyeshadow palette inspired by the chocolate candy itself. There are two versions that are both available now: "Original" and "Strawberry Tiramisu." The "Original" has six nude and neutral tones while the strawberry set includes a hint of pink and peach.

Both sets come with a soft Kit Kat pouch to store the palette in along with an actual tiny Kit Kat bar! How great is that?

You can get one now for just $24. This might be the Valentine's Day gift you've been searching for!

Take a look at the palettes below!

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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