Ford Created A Bed That Will Stop Your Partner From Hogging It All!

WATCH: If there is one thing that we all want more of (outside of money lol) is SLEEP! So there are different tips you can follow to get better sleep, but there is a problem that couples have, and that's hogging the bed! So what can we do about it? Well Ford decided for a promotion that they would design a bed that would prevent that hogging problem:

You might not get this bed anytime soon because this was only made for a commercial. But with enough crowdfunding and petitions, you never know! And until that bed is made, here are some tips that can help you get a restful night sleep according to sleep specialist Dr. W. Christopher Winter in an article for the website "PopSugar"

Eat lighter in the evenings - It’s tough to sleep well when you’re stuffed because your body is working hard to digest food when it should be focused on sleep, so try to eat your big meal three to four hours before bed.

Avoid late-night workouts - Research has shown that exercise improves sleep quality, but squeezing in a sweat sesh right before bed can rev you up and keep you awake for hours when you should be fast asleep.

Skip the nightcap - It’s not just that afternoon cup of coffee that could keep you up, wine can also disrupt your snoozing. Dr. Winter says “alcohol does nothing for sleep” and it can actually reduce the deep sleep we get and make us wake up more often during the night.

Power down your devices - The type of light your phone and electronics emit can “dramatically impact” both sleep quality and sleep quantity. It can affect the brain’s ability to produce melatonin, so experts suggest avoiding bright and blue light from devices for an hour or two before bedtime.

Keep cool - knock that thermostat down to between 60 and 67 degrees for optimal sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. And wear looser clothing to keep heat from being trapped inside so you sleep better too.

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