Michael Buble's New Song Video Is A Love Letter To His Son

If you didn't already know, Michael Buble's son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer at a very young age.

This was the hardest thing Buble's family has ever had to go through and you can tell how much love they all have for each other.

Buble recently released a lyric video for his new song "Forever Now" that is about his children.

He said "I had a vocal demo in a little house studio and truth is I never sang it again and to this day I’ve never sung it again."

Buble is very emotional over this track and if you listen to it and watch the video, you'll understand why.

It starts off showing an empty room with boxes, then the room is filled with baby furniture. As the video goes on, the room changes to show the progression of his son growing. There's toys on the floor that eventually change to a football, a laptop and a bigger bed. The video ends the same way it started, with belongings in boxes and then a quick preview of a baby girls room.

Such a strong family and beautiful song!

Watch the video below.

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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