Stolen Dog Reunited With Owner In San Francisco

On Saturday, July 13th, around 5pm, a Golden Retriever named Lily was stolen from San Francisco's Japantown.

Lily's owner Jenny had tied her to a post outside of a grocery store so she could go in and shop for just 10 minutes.

A surveillance video from the grocery store shows Lily tied to a post and a man squatting down just a few feet from her and silently staring. Suddenly, you can see the man get up, walk over to the post, untie Lily's leash, and walks away with her.

After several photos were shared around the city and on social media, Golden Retriever Lily was found and returned safe and sound!

Lily's owner Jenny shared with ABC7 that her Golden Retriever is a "gifted therapy dog" that helps her everyday with her mental health struggled, especially since her mother had passed away recently.

In the videos posted below, you'll see and hear everyone who was involved in the rescue come together to share the story, show gratitude to one another, and celebrate that the precious doggo was found! It involves a good citizen and dog lover who took care of Lily for the night, a cop who recognized the Golden Retriever and who is a dog lover himself, and lots of help from social media users!

Everyone in the video, including Lily, looks overcome with joy! What a true team effort and special reunion for everyone involved.

Look below for tweets and videos of how this happy ending came to be!

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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