Woman Boards Luggage Conveyor Belt Thinking It Takes Her To Plane

Have you all seen this latest viral video?

It's summer time and that means everyone is traveling everywhere! And we all know what crazy things can happen at airports.

This first time flyer had a major travel fail and the whole thing was caught on camera.

A woman in Istanbul Turkey was checking in her luggage at the airport when she did the unimaginable. Instead of walking to security like every other traveler does, she stepped up onto the conveyor belt where they put the luggage thinking that it was the way to the plane.

To make this moment even more embarrassing (which we didn't think was possible), the woman fell down as she was stepping onto the conveyor belt, causing fellow travelers and all the employees to look at her in complete and utter confusion and shock.

In the video you can see the conveyor belt stopped moving. Thankfully, someone quickly noticed what was happening and must've hit an emergency stop button. I can't help but wonder where exactly she'd go if she stayed on the moving belt. Haha! You could say she caused quite a scene!

Even if you've never seen or been to an airport in your life, I feel like this isn't a mistake you should make!

What we didn't see in the video is that the airport employees were able to safely pull her off the conveyor belt and guide her in the right direction.

Check out the video below to see this hilarious and scary moment!

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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