Your Favorite Disney Characters Are Now Cake Pops!

Both kids and adults alike have a major love for anything Disney. Especially being a child, Disney can have a huge presence in their life.

That's what so many of their memories are centered around. Whether it is going to Disneyland, playing with Disney toys, or watching their classic movies that follow us throughout life, Disney is sure to leave an impact on everyone. So obviously, as a parent, you try to Disney-fy as much as you can for your kiddos and sometimes even yourself! That might be decorating a room, a themed birthday party, or even creating special food

With that being said, we recently discovered Disney character-themed cake pops! This might just be the perfect addition to any Disney-themed party you plan on throwing.

We rounded up some photos of the cutest Disney Cake Pops we've seen so far and wow, they do not disappoint! There's some from Aladdin, Toy Story, Cinderella, Winnie The Pooh, Finding Dory, Frozen, Cars, Monster's Inc, and Maleficent!

These photos of these spectacular creations are sure to leave you drooling. Another great thing is how many options they leave you with. No matter what Disney-inspired party you're throwing, there is definitely a cake pop for it!

It's impossible for me to pick a favorite, they are all too adorable!

Which is your favorite?

Look below to see all of the incredible photos! I could look at these all day.

Need more Disney goodies in your life? Of course you do, who doesn't! Check out their newest Sleeping Beauty-inspired backpacks here!

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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