Mom In Labor Doesn’t Realize Dog Never Leaves Her Side Until Seeing Photos

Birth photographer, Kristin Waner, had the honor of capturing the birth's of two of Brooke's three kids.

Waner remembered that during Brooke's first birth, she had a sweet Corgi named Ryder who was very loving and caring. She said that Ryder would come check on his mom to make sure she was doing okay. He would let Brooke hug him during her contractions and would give her both space and love.

During Brooke's second birth, Ryder's brother Ranger was there to step in and play the same role. Waner said Ranger was very curious and was a calming presence to Brooke when her contractions started. He would even hop up on the bed every once in a while to reassure her with a kiss that she could do this.

Waner knew this was something special so she tried to capture as many photos as possible.

Brooke moved to the birthing tub and had her husband, Steve, and her doula, Jenny, right beside her. Ranger continued to reassure her with occasional kisses and sitting on the couch watching.

Once baby girl Berkeley arrived, everyone was overjoyed including Ranger! He jumped up and ran over to greet his new sister. You could tell he loved her so much as he watched her get weighed and get her first outfit change.

Once Waner was home and had a chance to look through all the photos, she said she wanted to laugh and cry while seeing how perfect they were. Brooke had no idea that Ranger never left her side until seeing the pictures.

To make this story even more touching, Brooke is a doula herslef! She helps navigate and comfort other moms through their journey of childbirth.

Take a look at the incredible photos below!

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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