Solo Diner Provided With Goldfish Companion At Restaurant

A man named Prakash Mallya recently shared a photo on Twitter that has gone viral for a great reason.

Mallya was a solo traveler and was dining alone at a restaurant in Mumbai, India. He said that the eatery noticed he was dining alone and they went to great lengths to make sure he did not feel lonely.

The photo he shared on Twitter was of one goldfish swimming around a clear bowl that had the name "Antonio" stamped at the top.

Mallya captioned the photo “Land in Mumbai, walk into the hotel restaurant for a quick meal. The hotel staff come by to leave this on my table as company given I was eating alone. So nice & thoughtful and something that’s never happened in all my travel thus far. #customerexperience.”

Hopefully he wasn't eating fish for his meal at the time, haha!

Several Twitter users left comments in reply to his photo saying the found the gesture to be incredibly sweet.

Some of them even had a similar experience where certain eateries offered them a dinning buddy and they decided to also share their stories.

Other Twitter users comments were directed towards being concerned about the fish's habitat. The restaurant, Trident Bandra Kurla, saw these comments and made sure everyone knew the fish was well taken care of and transferred back to a larger tank after keeping solo customers company.

Trident Bandra Kurla saw Mallya's tweet and replied "Thank you for your kind words. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!"

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