Dad Interrogates Daughter's First Date Through The Doorbell Camera!

WATCH: Dads are known for being very protective of their daughter, sometimes even overprotective to the point where the daughter gets annoyed. And here is another case of that. We can all relate to this, whether you are the dad, the daughter, or saw it in a movie. I think most dads would do this when it's their daughter's first date! I think this is so funny! It even seems as if it was on a movie it was so good. Check it out below:

Do you have any experience in this scenario? I am pretty sure there are plenty of stories just like this, where daughters all around the nation have been embarrassed by dad on their first date. And if this is you, just remember, dad is only doing this because he loves you and he doesn't want anyone to break your heart. He was the first love for any daughter, and that will never change.

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