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HomeGoods Is Selling A Candy Corn-Scented Halloween Candle

Ok everyone, are you ready for your home to smell like Halloween for the next couple months?! I know you are all excited for fall and Halloween so of course you are!

I thought you might like to know that HomeGoods has some super sweet smelling candles for the season, like the one Instagram user @the.real.horrorshow spotted.

This Candy Corn candle comes in an orange container with a black lid and hand-poured orange wax inside (very Halloween like).

Part of the blogger's Instagram caption claims this candle is "what Hall🎃ween smells like." Sounds like we all need one of these in our lives. I love a good candle scent that can travel throughout my house and this one seems like a winner! On the Insta post, someone commented "This is one of my favourite candles ever, so strong!"

To spook things up even more, this candle has a 56-hour burn time! Now you can keep it around all season long without fearing you'll burn it down too quickly.

This store is gonna take all my money with all of the Halloween decor they have right now too!

Check your local HomeGoods store for this product and keep an eye out online.

So many reasons to head on over to HomeGoods as soon as possible! Race ya there!

Take a look at the candle below!

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