Lego Is Selling Harry Potter & Star Wars Advent Calendars

Recently I talked about how Disney came out with two new advent calendars for the holidays, and now Lego is doing the same!

Lego is now selling a Harry Potter and Star Wars advent calendar for 2019! They feature both the Great Hall Christmas and a festive Ahch-To Island scene. What more can Harry Potter or Star Wars fans ask for?!

Each of the advent calendars have 24 "doors" that unveil a new part of the scene each day throughout December.

The Harry Potter advent calendar is geared towards kids ages 7 and up (we won't judge if you buy it for yourself, because that's probably what I'll do) and includes seven mini figures, a micro Hogwarts Express, and Christmas decorations from the Great Hall!

The Star Wars advent calendar is geared towards kids ages 6 and up (again, we don't judge) and includes 280 pieces, 13 mini collectibles, six mini figures, four droids, and a festive-themed porg figure.

Between these four from Disney and Lego, I'm sure you'll find the advent calendar of your dreams!

Bring on December!

Take a look at the calendars below.

Karen Sharp

Karen Sharp

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