An Avocado & Chips Chocolate Bar Exists

In California, it's a known thing that everyone is obsessed with avocados. I think I've seen it all when it comes to avocado-flavored food items like, toast, shakes, beer, and much much more. But have you heard of the latest sweet creation? It's an avocado chocolate bar with pieces of actual tortilla chips inside!

This is a creation we never saw coming! The combo definitely threw us off and sounds...questionable. But if you have an open mind to trying this chocolate bar, we've heard some say it's quite delicious and has a familiar texture and flavor profile. Once you taste the crunch from the tortilla chip bits, it will remind you of something like a Nestle Crunch bar, but with salty, smooth, and creamy tastes!

It was created by the chocolate geniuses over at Compartes and will be a limited-edition flavor in honor of the success of last year's avocado chocolate bar.

You can purchase the Avocado & Chips Chocolate Bar online for $9.95 and they offer shipping nationwide!

Will you give this new salty and sweet duo a try?