Guy Makes 'Love Pills' For Girlfriend With Anxiety

One boyfriend went above and beyond for his girlfriend's anniversary present. We'll give you a hint, it includes a big dose of love.

The girlfriend's name is Denisha Bracey and she's from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since Bracey was a teenager, she's dealt with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Her boyfriend, Riley Rankin, stood by her side and offered support of those difficult days.

For the couple's second anniversary, Rankin surprised his girl with one of the most thoughtful gifts: a personalized prescription bottle filled with handmade “love pills.”

In a post that went viral, Bracey wrote “Every pill capsule is filled with a little note that says something loving or sweet, something that will make me happy, or a good quality about me."

Some examples of the hand written love pill notes said “Be proud of yourself, you are amazing and think of all the things you’ve accomplished!” and “Your positivity is so refreshing and inspiring.”

Bracey shared that she was confused when first receiving the gift because she thought her boyfriends was gifting her medication. The once she realized what it truly was, she was incredibly touched.

She said “Once I read the label and opened it up, I was really overwhelmed because I couldn’t believe he took the time to make such a wonderful gift for me. We love making each other DIY gifts but this is definitely the best one yet! I cried a lot!”

Take a look at some photos of the incredible gift below!

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