Apple Released a Whole New Batch of Emojis!

Apple recently released 398 new emojis! I didn't even know we had room for that many more, haha!

Nine of these new emojis are food related ones. Some of these have been long overdue. If you have downloaded iOS 13.2, then the new food emojis are already available to you! They include a waffle, a head of garlic, onion, a falafel platter, butter, oyster, apple juice box, an ice cube, and Mate.

When I first read Mate I thought 'what the heck is that?' So, I'll answer that question. The "Mate" emoji refers to a caffeine drink that is popular in South American countries. It's usually a green color due to the dried leaves from the yerba plant used to make this drink.

The remaining emojis include a range of gender-inclusive, mixed-race, and disability emojis. There's also a flamingo, razor, firefighter, construction vest, and more. One of my personal favorites is the little otter! It's so adorable!

These new emojis have received a lot of favor and praise because of how inclusive they are. Great job, Apple!

Take a look below for a little preview!

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