Researchers Are Paying People To Be Deliberately Infected With The Flu

Everyone wants to avoid the flu and its uncomfortable symptoms at all costs. But if I told you a few people have actually signed up to be infected would you believe me? Because it's true! It might be more believable if I told you they're also getting paid to do this.

A few selfless people have volunteered to get the infection so that hopefully one day, none of us will ever have to get it again.

Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are infecting subjects with the flu and are closely monitoring their side effects and symptoms to better understand how the virus works and how they can control it.

Adult participants receive a nasal spray with the virus and have to spend at least one week at an inpatient facility until they're no longer contagious.

And to do this they are getting paid up to $3,300! WOW!

This study will run until May, which is typically the end of flu season.

Would you ever willingly be infected with the flu?

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