Realistic Robotic Pets Help Seniors With Dementia

One of the hardest things to do is watch the one's you love grow older. We all want to give our aging parents and loved ones as much love and comfort as possible, especially if they're battling an illness.

Over the years, pet companions have been a huge help for lonely adults and those with dementia. A 2017 study revealed that when aging adults interact with an animal (real or robotic) it can lower their blood pressure, ease anxiety, reduce loneliness, and improve the overall quality of life!

Over 1,300 people shopping on Amazon have given five-star reviews to Ageless Innovation's Joy for All Companion Pets. These plush animals are perfect for dog or cat lovers and have built-in sensors, "vibrapurr" or "barkback" technology, and brushable fur, helping to make them incredibly realistic!

To keep it simple, they look, feel, and sound exactly like a real pet (except for the mess)! All you have to do is insert four batteries, and the cat will open and close their eyes, lift their paws, and move their head and body. And if you pet them in the right spot, they'll even let out a "purr!"

If your loved one is more of a dog person, you can get a dog that will bark if he's happy, sad, or needy. It only weighs four pounds so it's easy to carry around and play with.

They cost anywhere from $90-$100 and people are saying they're worth every penny especially if your loved one has pet allergies or dementia.

SOme reviews from Amazon shopper read:

"My family recently had to place my mom in a nursing home for long term care. She has dementia and my 88-year-old father could no longer care for her. We worried about the time she would spend there when no one was visiting or during the periods of time with no activities. Because of this, I got her one of these cats.I am happy to say that this was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is truly remarkable what this cat can do. It is very lifelike and although my mother knows it isn't real, she enjoys it nonetheless."

"My wife of 72 years has been diagnosed with rapid onset moderate dementia. She always wanted a dog, but I knew that in our situation a real dog would demand more than we would be able to provide. When searching for robotic dogs as a novelty gift, I came across this companion pet and purchased it, if for no other reason than its realistic appearance. She has since spent hours with it every day since.'It has a heart' she says, reacting to the beating mechanism inside.Anything that can bring such joy and happiness is something to be truly grateful for."

This review put it best: "There's just some things you can't put a price on and his happiness right now is one of them."

Watch some videos of the animals in action below!

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