Target Is Selling Bright Green Elf Icees This Holiday Season

I love Target. Don't we all?!

I love walking through their holiday aisles and looking at all of the Christmas decorations! And now, I'll have a festive drink to sip on while I shop!

This year, Target has an exclusive Elf Icee in stores! It tastes like cherry and lime and even though it isn't exactly Christmas flavored, it is bright green! Looks and sounds delicious to me!

So far, those who have tried it have had positive reviews! You can't go wrong with cherry and lime, right?

This is available at Target stores that have a cafe section. But I'd still call to check before you go to make sure they're serving this festive treat!

I'm assuming this will only be around for the holiday season. Be sure to grab one while you do your holiday shopping and to help cool you off from this winter heat! Haha!

Take a look at the Elf Icee below.

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