Squirrel Saved From Hurricane Won’t Let Go Of Her Mini Teddy Bear

When Hurricane Isaac hit, it knocked little squirrel Jill out of her nest.

Luckily, she was rescued and brought in by a nice family. Jill thought she'd only be staying until she got older and stronger, but she ended up staying for life and was the newest addition to the family!

Jill's life with her new family was pretty great. Years have passed and she's been thriving!

She even has her own Instagram! The handle is @this_girl_is_a_squirrel. If you take a look at her page, you'll see snapshots and videos of her day to day life. She has fabulous outfits and great content!

When it's time for bed, Jill's beloved mini teddy bear is sure to make an appearance! The bear is her permanent sleeping buddy that she loves to snuggle up to. It's precious!

Take a look at some adorable photos of her and her teddy below.

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