This Pizza Comes In A Caroling Box!

I don't think I know a single person who doesn't love pizza. What if I told you it can get better than it already is?

How about a pizza delivered in a box that plays Christmas carols? Because believe it or not, it exists!

A group of singing elves at Boston Pizza and ad agency John St. created the dream pizza along with a dream delivery.

It all starts with a cheese pizza being topped with turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce.

The song "Carol of the Bells" was re-worked to include the ingredients:

"Cranberry sauce.

Gravy on top!

Turkey as well!

And also cheese!

Why is there cheese?

Cause we love cheese!"

So when you order this pizza to be delivered to your door, this silly song play when you lift the lid!

John St. creative chief, Angus Tucker, says "The singing box is kind of like carolers coming to your door, but it's better because they brought pizza and you don't have to stand awkwardly listening to people sing to you."

Haha! I hear ya, Angus. So true!

It operates by a light sensor so the song will start or stop playing when you open or close the lid.

Watch the amazing caroling box below!

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