Get In The Holiday Spirit With These TikTok 'Christmas Explosion' Videos

Have you been hesitant when it comes to holiday decorating? Well, after watching these videos, you won't be!

No one can hide their Christmas cheer in these TikTok #ChristmasExplosionVideos. These viral clips known as #Christmasbomb are the most festive trend on the internet.

A #ChristmasExplosion works like this:

Step 1: Enter a Christmas decoration-free room

Step 2: Pop off a Christmas ornament as if it were a "grenade"

Step 3: Retreat! Leave the room!

Step 4: Return to the room. And ta-da! It's now fully decked out in red, green, and all things Christmas! A tree, stockings, lights, and more!

The sound effects, voice overs, and music to this is all so spot on! I am loving these videos!

Check out some of the great videos below!

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