Raw Turkey Cakes Are The Ultimate Thanksgiving Prank

Sarah Hardy, a London-based cake designer, is the genius behind this raw turkey cake!

Hardy is known for creating incredibly realistic cakes that look like food, animals, and even human body parts. They're so realistic that it makes people second guess eating them!

For the first time last year, Hardy shared the raw turkey cake on her Instagram page, The Edible Museum, and it got around 120 likes. Now as another Thanksgiving approaches, the cake has come back in full force and is going viral!

It's become such a hit that she's given us a recipe to follow so that we can recreate it ourselves! She does warn us that "This tutorial is for those with some previous experience of baking and covering cakes but if you’re a beginner with a give-it-a-go attitude you should have some fun too." If you're determined to prank and gross your family out, I'm sure you'll have no problem persevering through it!

I still can't believe this is edible and we won't get sick from it.

Take a look at some photos and videos of this incredible creation below!

Happy Turkey Day!

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