You Won't Believe The Gingerbread House My Neighbor Built!

My wonderful neighbor, Joey A, built this incredible gingerbread house from scratch! It is AMAZING!!!

Q: Tell us about your experience with gingerbread houses?

A: I've been building gingerbread houses for the past 10 years and used to have gingerbread house building parties! Everything is from scratch, besides the bought candies. This year I just created one big gingerbread house all on my own. It's a combination of three different gingerbread houses blueprint plans that I've used throughout the years.

Q: How long did it take you to build the gingerbread house?

A: The first day, I start early in the morning with making the dough and letting it rest, then rolling it out and creating the panels. All together, I worked on this for two solid days and went into the third day for just a couple hours working on the finishing touches. The design is all freehand and I just came up with it in my head!

Q: Are you going to eat it?

A: It's totally edible! And it'd be fun to break it apart and have a couple pieces for a dessert. Because of the way I have to bake the gingerbread cookie to make it strong enough for a structure, it's just a harder cookie but could be great for dipping!

Take a look at the photos below from to see how it was built from start to finish! There's also a video to show all of the details and how beautiful it is.

A+ job, Joey!

The Incredible Gingerbread House!