This Valentine's Day Tree Trend Will Bring Extra Love Into Your Space

Have you been feeling those post holiday blues? Are you sad the holiday season is over? Me too. But the good news is that you don't have to put away that Christmas tree just yet! If you want to keep it up for another month or two, I have the perfect suggestion to help you justify that...a Valentine's Day tree!

I've never done this myself, but this year might be the year! I've thought about it many times and after looking at some inspiration of others beautiful creations, it's inspiring me!

If you want to give this a try, start with stripping your tree of Christmas ornaments and replacing them with red, pink, and white bulbs, lights, and any other heart-shaped decorations you can find! You can swap your star or angel tree topper for a bow, heart, teddy bear, or anything else that screams “love.”

Look below to see some of the favorites I've seen to get your creative inspiration flowing!

Ready to create your own Valentine’s Day tree? Keep scrolling to get inspiration from people who are showing off their designs. We think this means that your loved ones are required to line the bottom of your tree with gifts … just saying.

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