Planes Drop Thousands Of Pounds Of Carrots & Potatoes For Starving Animals

Due to the Australian brushfire crisis, a lot of wildlife have been left stranded and hungry.

Thanks to the New South Wales government, aircrafts in Australia are being used to drop thousands of pounds of carrots and sweet potato to the wildlife!

They're calling it ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’ and it is intended to feed brush-tailed rock wallabies and help the state’s marsupials survive.

Just a week ago, the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service started its mission of undertaking all of the food drops to several locations.

They've already dropped over 2,200kg of fresh veggies for all of the animals!

Environment minister for New South Wales, Matt Kean, explained that even though the animals have escaped and survived the fires, they're no longer in their natural habitat which means they're left without food. He said they will be keeping an eye on the wallabies to track their recovery!

The charity WWF Australia is using donations to lease small planes that they fill with bags of grain and pellets to give out to wildlife.

Take a look at the food drops below!

If you feel compelled to donate, you can do so here!

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