The Best Alcohol & Valentine’s Candy Pairings

Celebrating Galentine’s Day by staying in with your girls tonight?

If you are, I bet there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got some wine flowing and chocolate sharing. Now these are both delicious on their own,but when you pair them together perfectly, they’re even better.

Here are some alcohol and Valentine’s Day candy pairings that bring out the best of the flavors:

Dark Chocolate & Port Wine- The fruity sweetness of port wine balances out the bitter richness of dark chocolate.

Swedish Fish & Rosé- The wine is floral and “fruit forward,” but not too sweet, so it makes a great combo with the sugary sweetness of the Swedish Fish.

Fireball & Candy Hearts- Conversation hearts are pretty chalky and plain, which pairs perfectly with the overpowering cinnamon whisky.

SweeTarts & Sauvignon Blanc- This naturally tart wine mixes well with the sugary sweet and tartness of the candy.

Pop Rocks & Champagne- Pair the fizzy goodness with the combination of Pop Rocks and bubbly for an intense sugar high. Just don’t put the candy in the Champagne because the experts warn that combination could be explosive.

White Chocolate & Averna- White chocolate’s intense richness is balanced out by the sweet, bitter bite.

Smoked Sea Salt Chocolate & Anejo Tequila - For an intense combination of sweet and salty.

Now go enjoy those drinks and candy with your gal pals!

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