This Kitchen Utensil Can Fix Any Broken Zipper

If you've ever dealt with a broken zipper, you know how extremely frustrating it can be. Good luck getting it back on track once it breaks off!

Just when we thought we had no hope for the fashion tragedy, Ryan Reynolds swoops in and saves the day with a brilliant life hack.

Thanks to this new viral hack, we can all easily fix a zipper in the comfort of our own home...or should I say kitchen.

A Twitter video shows everyone how to use a fork to help get a zipper back on track. If you watch, you can see someone place the slider on to the two middle prongs of the fork, then inserting both sides of zipper teeth into the slider, and pulling them down to get the slider up the zipper.

Ryan Reynolds shared this viral video on Twitter and said "I've waited my whole life for this."

Take a look at the hack video below!

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