Oreo's Launching New 'Trolls' Cookies Filled With Glitter & Popping Candy!

I get excited every time I see a new Oreo flavor come out, but now there's two new flavors which means double the excitement!

Oreo announced that they're releasing two new limited-edition flavors to celebrate the new Trolls movie Trolls World Tour.

The new flavors are inspired by the two characters Queen Poppy and Pop Troll Tiny Diamond. The first new flavor is the pink Queen Poppy c9ookies. They're a Golden Oreo with pink creme with glitter. This is the first time Oreo has ever had glitter in a cookie! Groundbreaking news people!

The Tiny Diamond cookies are a classic chocolate Oreo with green creme with glitter and popping candy inside. Yes! I said glitter again! And popping candy! This might just be the coolest Oreo ever to date.

Both cookies feature cassette tape symbols on them, as well as other designs tailored to fit the featured character.

Want another reason to be excited? These new Oreo packs will unlock a new Instagram experience with dancing Trolls characters. All you have to do is scan the cookie on the pack using Instagram's filter guide. How cool!

The new cookies are available in stores now and the new Trolls movie comes out in April!

Take a look at the Oreos below!