Arnold Schwarzenegger & Pet Donkey & Pony Encourage Others To Self-Isolate

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of many celebrities using their platforms to encourage others to stay home and self-isolate...but he is the first to do so with a donkey and pony alongside him in his kitchen!

The former California governor posted a video to social media explaining why he's choosing to self-quarantine during this pandemic. "The important thing is that you stay home because no one is allowed out, especially someone that is 72 years old," he said while feeding his pet donkey, Lulu, and pet pony, Whiskey. "We don't go out. We don't go to restaurants. We don't do anything like that anymore here. We just eat with Whiskey and Lulu, we have a good time."

Just yesterday California Governor Gavin Newsom made the official announcement that the state's bars, nightclubs, breweries, wineries, gyms, and more will be closed and for restaurants to focus on pick-up orders only. He also stressed that people age 65 and older should "practice home isolation."

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's video below!