Here's Even More "Good News" Stories Surrounding The Coronavirus!

You know all of those feel good stories surrounding the coronavirus we’ve been giving you? Well, I have another 10 new stories! Here they are:

1. A woman in Pennsylvania had a free mini library outside of her house that she stocks with books for people to borrow. She replaced the books with canned goods for those who need some!

2. In Houston, a regular customer at a restaurant left a $9,400 tip for the staff right before they closed down for the next few weeks.

3. A group of high school and middle school musicians were scheduled to perform at Carnegie Hall but it got cancelled. So they decided to perform in the middle of Times Square instead and on the steps of Carnegie Hall.

4. Canada has created a new word to describe all of these random acts of kindness we’re seeing…the word is “caremongering.”

5. Gas prices are plummeting! The national average is estimated to hit $1.99 shortly.

6. Two kids in Ohio who play the cello put on a front porch concert for their elderly neighbors who have been self-isolating.

7. Kids in Japan missed their elementary school graduation so they threw their own virtual graduation ceremony in the game “Minecraft.”

8. A surfer dude in San Diego has been standing at an intersection holding a sign with words of encouragement for people to share their toilet paper. People started giving him some, and he handed them out to other people in need.

9. Mainland China reported only ONE new coronavirus case on Monday.

10. A couple in New York was supposed to get married last weekend with a large ceremony with 200 people. Instead they got married in their apartment with only six guests. The groom said he "can't go another week not marrying her." And the bride added that "love always prevails."

How awesome! Keep the good stories coming!

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