Celebs Reach Out With Online Comfort For Fans Self-Isolating

As each day passes, being under quarantine can start to make us all go a little stir crazy.

With all of the concerns about coronavirus, it's refreshing to see something like this to help break up our day.\

Celebrities have been reaching out online to connect with fans self-isolating and provide some entertainment.

Like first off, Steve Martin. He played a little instrumental interlude that he named "Banjo balm" and it did not disappoint!

Next up, Neil Diamond!

He reached out to his fans with a remixed version of his classic song, Sweet Caroline. He switched up some of the lyrics to "washing hands" and a promise "Don’t touch me/I won’t touch you.” Haha!

You gotta check this one out, I love it!

Paul Simon also offered some musical comfort, wishing for fans to stay safe.

The lastly, we have Madonna! You could definitely say she put her own unique spin on this video she filmed at home.

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