Pillsbury Cookie Dough Is Now Safe To Eat Raw

Snacking on raw cookie dough. It's something we've all done. We know it's bad, but we don't care! It's just that dang good.

Well now thanks to Pillsbury, you can now indulge in eating raw cookie dough without the guilt!

Pillsbury has swapped their traditional cookie dough recipe for one that's safe to eat raw. By the end of summer 2020, all of their cookie dough's will be safe to eat raw thanks to using "heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs to kill off possible food borne pathogens." That includes their refrigerated brownie dough!

Don't worry, although the recipe has been tweaked, the company reassures everyone that it will still taste like the cookies we all know and love.

You may have spotted the new light blue packaging in stores already. On the front it says "Safe to eat raw."

Take a look at it below!

*Adds to shopping list*

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