Pre-Pandemic Habits To Give Up Going Forward

Even though being quarantined feels like the ultimate challenge at times, it has forced us to re-evaluate our everyday lives.

Things we used to think were a “necessity” or “high priority” aren’t anymore!

Here are five habits that we’re cutting out post-quarantine:

  • Spending money on bi-monthly gel manicures. After a few months of not paying for that, it’s hard to go back! Especially when you can you give yourself a mani/pedi at home.
  • Tolerating toxic friendships. Quarantine has shown us who our true friends are and also who you should no longer invest time in.
  • Skipping lunch breaks. No matter how busy you are, your well-being is always first!
  • Focusing on future plans rather than the present moment. We get excited about the next big thing coming up that we rush through life and don’t enjoy what’s currently in front of us.
  • Always being “on”. The lines seem to blur between working from home and personal time. Make a habit of putting all business away when the workday is gone.

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