BBQ Joint Saves Neighboring Mexican Restaurant On Verge Of Closing Down

A family burrito restaurant in Georgia was about to go out of business when a neighboring BBQ restaurant saved the day!

Paris Retana, co-owner of Lake Burrito, was worried that his restaurant was finished after being in business for 10 years.

Neighboring restaurant owner, Steve Hartsock, of Socks Love Barbecue heard about Retana’s troubles and wanted to help. He posted a video on social media of a community call to action and encouraged his customers to go support them, He even promised to donate a full day’s profits from his restaurant to Lake Burrito.

Since Hartsock’s kind efforts of taking action, people have been lining up outside of the local Mexican restaurant! In fact, Lake Burrito has been doing so good that they temporarily run out of food!

We love a great feel good story like this! It’s so important to be there for others in challenging times.

Watch the video below!