Four Ways To Boost Your Internet Speed

Tonight we’re talking about your recent moments of joy and there’s nothing more joyous than having WiFi and a speedy internet connection!

If your internet has been slow at home, here are 4 tips to help boost it:

1. Move your router- Too much clutter can affect WiFi speeds. If it’s tucked behind a desk or couch that could also be the issue. The closer you are to your router the better!

2. Pay attention to how many other devices are connected to it- If multiple devices are streaming Netflix or other services, it might be too much. Also, try to plan any big downloads for nights or weekends.

3. Shift your video chat times- The top and bottom of the hour are the busiest times for video calls.

4. Done use your microwave- Some experts think it's possible microwaves interfere with WIFI signals, especially if it's too close to your router. Some other items that might have the same affect are cordless phones, baby monitors, and computer speakers.

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