Why You Should Still Wear Perfume Even When No One Can Smell You

You might still be lounging around in sweats, in isolation, with no where to go…but that doesn’t mean you should stop using your favorite perfume!

If you need a quick pick-me-up, dust off your perfume bottle, and give yourself a quick spritz. Even though there’s no one there to smell it doesn’t mean it’s going to waste.

Spraying your perfume can boost your mood. It can bring back happy memories associated with the smell. A fragrance application scientist said "choosing to wear a fragrance, people are tapping into a way to enhance their well-being and self-esteem."

Did you know perfume can also boost your immune system and help fight infection?! An environmental psychologist shared that “smelling a scent puts you in a better mood” and that “when people are in a better mood, their immune system functions more effectively.”

How cool is this?!

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