6 Possible Reasons Mosquitos Love You

Summer is here! And that means outdoor gatherings and fighting off those pesky bugs.

Have you ever noticed that some people get bitten by mosquitos more than others?

Well, there’s a few reasons for it. Here’s 6 possible reasons mosquitos love you:

1. Your body temperature is slightly higher than other people's. It can even go up if you eat spicy food.

2. Exercise. It makes you produce more carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which mosquitos love.

3. You're stressed out. Mosquitos could be drawn to the hormones that come out in your sweat.

4. You haven't showered in a while. They're attracted to a specific type of bacteria.

5. Dark clothing. Reds, blacks, and blues attract more mosquitoes than lighter colors.

6. Alcohol. It dilates the blood vessels in your skin, making it a little warmer for a while

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