The Best Wines To Pair With Classic BBQ Dishes

If you’re having a backyard BBQ this weekend for the 4th, you’ll want to pair each dish with the perfect wine!

Here are some recommendations to go with classic BBQ dishes:

  • Hamburgers & Beaujolais- This is the top summer bbq wine that’s light and fresh.
  • Hot dogs & Rosé- Rosé goes with all hot dog toppings!
  • Grilled corn & Chardonnay- It will accent the sweet and salty flavors without over powering them.
  • Ribs & Syrah- this wine will bring out the flavors of smoke and pepper.
  • Grilled Seafood & Sicilian White- These Italian white wines have volcanic minerality, lemon acidity, and a touch of salinity, which pairs perfectly with seafood.
  • Grilled Tofu & Champagne- For all the vegetarians and vegans out there! The bubbles in Champagne nicely contrast the texture of the tofu.
  • Pork Chops & Pinot Noir- A medium-bodied red wine is a good match.
  • North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork & Riesling- The sugar and acid stand up to the vinegar-based sauce.
  • Memphis-Style Pulled Pork & Zinfandel- This smoky, spiced BBQ needs a “juicy, round fruit,” wine like a classic California Zinfandel.
  • Steak & Cabernet Sauvignon- This is a classic pairing!

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