3 Tips On How To Practice Self Care During Stressful Times

Despite being in quarantine, it’s still surprisingly hard to find some you-time!

Between working, taking care of kids or pets, cooking and cleaning, it’s important to practice self care.

Here’s 3 tips from psychologists on how to be kind to yourself during these stressful times:

  1. Engage all 5 senses. Look at pictures of nature, smell a candle, listen to calming music, put on lavender lotion, and snack on your favorite treat.
  2. Practice mindfulness. Step away from your inbox for a few minutes to focus on your breath and keep your thoughts focused on the present.
  3. Prioritize nutrition. Take a break from all the comfort food thats contributing to your “Quarantine 15.” Some recommended self-soothing and anti-stress foods are warm oatmeal, oranges, spinach, complex carbs, fatty fish, black tea, pistachios, and avocados. Maintaining a balanced diet is key to relieving stress!