How To Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Fun During The Pandemic

Not all couples have been lucky enough to quarantine together.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and need to find ways to keep your relationship fun during the pandemic, here are five ideas!

  1. Send some cute, inexpensive gifts. its always fun to get something in the mail, so bake them some cookies or send a cute little gift!
  2. Take virtual walks together. Go out for a stroll and FaceTime your boo. Show each other your scenic routes!
  3. Share music playlists. Let your partner know what songs are stuck in your head and what songs make you think of them. A mixtape never goes out of style!
  4. Mail hand written love letters. Go old school and share how you feel by putting a pen to paper.
  5. Trade the texts for voice memos. It’s nice to hear each others voice and let them know when they’re on your mind.

We hope this helps you and your love feel connected!

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