You Can Eat Pillsbury's Pumpkin Cookie Dough Raw

When it comes to cookie dough, Pillsbury does it best.

They have the cutest sugar cookie designs for every holiday season and they make baking cookies easy and fun!

Well now not only can you bake the cookie, you can also safely eat the raw dough! We've heard about edible cookie dough before, but what makes this particularly exciting is that it's not just your basic chocolate chip dough, it's Pillsbury Pumpkin Cookie Dough!

This seasonal, limited-edition, pumpkin-flavored dough is packed with cream cheese chips. YUM! My mouth is watering!

A package contains 12 pre-cut cookies instead of Pillsbury’s typical 24. This is because this dough is meant for baking extra large cookie!

Whether you want to bake them or eat them raw (or both) you can find the pumpkin cookie dough at major grocery stores for about $3 a package.

Take a look at the package below!