4 Ways Dogs Show Their Owners Affection

We all love hearing the words “I love you” and it turns out your dog does too!

Did you know a pups heart rate increases by 46% when their owners says “I love you?” How sweet is that?!

In a new study by Canine Cottages four pups wore special heart rate tracking collars to show what gets them excited when interacting with their owners. Their average heart rate was 67 bpm...but after hearing "I love you" from their owners, their heart rates jumped 46% to 98 bpm!

Not only did it prove their increased heart rate, it also showed what calmed them down like cuddling! The dogs heart rates decreased by 23 so their average dropped from from 67 bpm to 52 bpm.

You might be wondering 'How exactly do dogs show their affection for their owners?' Well, according to a head veterinary nurse, here are four ways:

  1. A dog curling up next to its owner is an evident sign of love because pups only lean on people whom they feel comfortable with.
  2. When dogs are greeted, they usually wag their tail back and forth, jump, and wiggle back to those that they love.
  3. Bringing a toy, showing that they trust the person enough to play with them.
  4. When they show their belly, or sleeps on their back with their chest up, it's a sign of trust and love.

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