5 Tips From The TSA If You're Flying For The Holidays

**1110 TRAVEL TIPS**

If you’re braving the airport to go home for the holidays this season, here are 5 tips from the TSA:

  1. Get to the airport early! Don't assume it'll be slow just because of the pandemic. It actually might take even longer with sanitation precautions!
  2. Wear a mask, yes the WHOLE time, unless you’re asked to take it off so they can verify your ID.
  3. Try to stay six feet apart while you're in line. If the line seems extra long, don’t worry It's just because everyone's social distancing!
  4. You can bring a 12 ounce hand sanitizer on the plane! You don't have to follow the normal three-ounce rule for this. And disinfectant wipes are allowed in carry-on bags!
  5. The TSA is supposed to change gloves between pat-downs. So if they don’t, you can ask them to!